Edgewood Addition a 'Go'

Boys & Girls Club of Wooster is excited to announce that a contractor has bid and been accepted for the Wooster City Schools’ Edgewood Renovation Project, set to begin construction in June 2016. Boys & Girls Club of Wooster will be leasing a portion of the renovated area when construction is complete.

The space will provide a much-needed, permanent home for the Boys & Girls Club of Wooster at Edgewood, and will include two offices, a reception area, a large group room, a set of bathrooms, and access to the rest of the school.  Many donated items have been sitting for the better part of two years in storage in anticipation of the new space.

“I am extremely excited for the opportunity to serve more kids, better in this space,” Executive Director, Christine Montelione said. “We have been waiting a long time for this, and are so grateful for the opportunity to continue working with WCSD.”

BGCW will contribute $400,000 to the project, and lease part of the renovated area from  WCSD. The project will be 11,000 sq. ft, with BGCW’s portion about 4,000 sq. ft. The project was originally bid last May, but did not receive any bidders. 

The Daily Record article on Janurary 4th describes the project in greater detail - http://www.the-daily-record.com/local%20news/2016/01/04/Edgewood-additio...