3 Day Robotics Program a Success

Parterning with the Wayne County Public Library, 10 BGCW members completed a 3 day program that taught them basic coding and robotics. 

The class ran for an hour and a half each day, and engaged kids through a variety of platforms, including scratch.com (basic coding), and the use of The Finch - a programmable, moving robot. WCPL staff, Jason Ferrell, led all activities for Club Members. The last day culminated with a "bot battle", where Members tapped pencils to their robots and attempted to knock paperclips off of other robots using the controls they had learned over the course of the program. 

Robots may be checked out of the Wooster branch of the Wayne County Public Library. Basic coding & robotics classes are also available.

The robotics program is an attempt to increase STEM related activities at BGCW.